Ray and Jock discuss the pros and cons of herd mentality in trading, uncover why NFTs are valuable, and reveal the downside of scratching your own itch.

In this episode

0:00 Opening titles
0:14 The cult of personality
4:22 Ray’s favourite SPAC
6:03 Finally bought some crypto
7:28 Why does a NFT have value?
9:07 Value is in the grasp of the owner
10:19 The ship of Theseus
11:17 Perception is reality
13:12 Herd mentality
15:24 Are you seeing the full picture?
17:08 Choices and relative risk
19:23 The downside of scratching your own itch
20:55 “Look Mum, no hands”
22:56 Look ahead to Stan Karpenko
24:34 Closing credits

About The Pig Wrestlers

Ray Rafiq is the founder of increasingly larger businesses: Regent Street Cinema, Baker Street Bakery, Wigwamm, GetAgent, Unmortgage.

Jock Busuttil is the founder of Product People Limited, a freelance head of product, author and conference speaker, with over two decades’ experience helping technology companies. (jockbusuttil.com)

Recorded on 4 June 2021
Music: Crazy Glue (Instrumental Version) by Josh Woodward (CC-BY 4.0)