Ray and Jock discuss the pros and cons of a MBA, and whether the approach taken in med school for training doctors is a useful analogy.

In this episode

00:00 Opening titles
00:18 What happened to the innovators?
01:15 Learning business ≠ doing business
02:58 What you get from a MBA
04:30 The MBA reimagined like med school
06:35 Why the analogy doesn’t hold up
08:30 The most important role in a startup
12:23 Closing credits

Other media mentioned

Mark H. McCormack – What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School – https://amzn.to/3BNOBKt

Product Lessons Learned: A Conversation with Shreyas Doshi & John Cutler – https://amplitude.com/blog/shreyas-doshi-product-lessons

About The Pig Wrestlers

Ray Rafiq is the founder of increasingly larger businesses: Regent Street Cinema, Baker Street Bakery, Wigwamm, GetAgent, Unmortgage.

Jock Busuttil is the founder of Product People Limited, a freelance head of product, author and conference speaker, with over two decades’ experience helping technology companies. (jockbusuttil.com)

Recorded on 23 July 2021
Music: Crazy Glue (Instrumental Version) by Josh Woodward (CC-BY 4.0)